We’re ractic.one, a management and influencer agency.

A combination of creative and passionate thinking combined with a drive to bring people together thats ractic.one. We put a great effort into campaigns and strategy, and we are doing it with love.

About us.

Making campaigning and influencing easy.

ractic.one can claim several suitable representatives for business campaigns and online strategies.

Our team and creators are bringing joy into online advertising arcross digital media platforms.

Meet our talents.

Jacob “xcifer” Juulsgaard

YouTube entertainer

Entertains with online gaming and roleplaying with livestreams, Jacob brings +200 people per livestream.

Kasper Aarbye

YouTube entertainer

Aarbye has the skills to make incredible and comedic content, perfectly suited for Generation Z.


Music producers

A tropical inspired duo. Goldistic have been playing around Danish clubs and festivals for years.